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Inspired by stone, this range is characterised by an irregular surface and shape. This series will bring a breath of joy and conviviality to your table. The material is enhanced by the brilliance of the sparkling and ultra-resistant coloured glaze which Arcucci's master ceramist sprinkles on each object.


Each piece, after having received the colour, is handfinished by brush with a brown edge and dipped into the crystalline before the second and final firing at 960 degrees.

12 colours

14 pieces in the collection


A special collection in the Petra range is this Shabby-Chic version that gives the collection a Nordic style.

Again, all stages of production are strictly manual

for an authentic, hand-crafted product.

6 colours

14 products in the collection


Materia Storage

The Materia collection is comprehensive and has been extended with a selection of beautifully finished kitchen storage containers in the same 12 colours as the dinnerware collection.

Each container comes with a cork lid and in 9 different sizes.



Art makes tangible the material dreams are made of!

Materia, irregular but elegant, is suitable for every occasion. The handmade edge as well as the manual dipping in the glaze result in a unique, characterful piece every time.

12 colours

9 pieces in the collection

Materia cutlery.jpeg


Complementary cutlery in every colour of the Arcucci ceramic allowing you to set a beautiful table with matching tableware or a playful table mixing and matching colours.


Materia Glassware

Bubbles effect in the glass in different color expressions, allows you to play at the table with many nuances, creating original chromatic combinations full of energy.

The name of the collection refers to the caves in the ancient city of Matera in Basilicata. It has essential lines, the classic shape, the shaded effect of the color which starts thicker at the bottom and becomes sparser at the edge of the glass. The particular air bubble effect comes from the mouth-blown glass processing technique.

This collection by Arcucci is dishwasher safe.



The theme for this serie of dinnerware is 'impulse'. The plates are decorated on “impulse” and “instinctively” by each craftsman. In

this kind of painting the color is spontaneously dripped and thrown onto the plate.

This “Drip Painture” is a technique that became popular thanks

to Jackson Pollock in the 40s, the color was spontaneously

launched on the canvas.

However, we find traces of similar decorations on majolica

from Campania, Puglia and Toscana from the early IX


2 colours

8 pieces in this collection


Artisan tradition combining the ingredients of nature, earth, water, air, and fire together with the love and passion of master potters. From all of this the Arcucci Ceramic Pots collection was born. Its reddish colour and bright glazes convey warmth and

ease of use. All the pots are in fact made with natural Tuscan clay, a fully recyclable material that allows the heat to be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the pot, maintaining the flavours and properties of the food unaltered while cooking.


The shape allows for service directly from the pot, terracotta being an excellent heat conductor allows energy savings and, if used at low temperature, helps to cook an excellent risotto!


In the “Patatiera” you can get delicious potatoes cooked as on the grill without adding liquids to enhance the natural flavours. In about 40 minutes the unpeeled potatoes are perfectly roasted, just waiting to be enriched with aromatic herbs and a drizzle of oil.



CACTACEAE, more commonly known as CACTUS. Arcucci has created this beautiful collection because this family of ornamental plants represents “FREEDOM”. They grows in extremely hostile environments and are completely self sufficient, with no need for extra care. Each piece is created entirelyby hand by Maestro Tapinassi in a limited series with its certificate to guarantee its authenticity.

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